We build distributed engineering

teams in South America for our

clients across Canada

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Remote Work

Augment your existing team:

We don’t just help you outsource some stuff, we can provide individual contributors or entire teams!


Be in control:

We build the entire hiring process around your specific needs.


Annual or Monthly Budget

Enjoy predictability and transparency! Tell your CEO exactly how much your engineering team is going to cost.

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  • Video Intros & Testing

    Video Intros & Testing

    Watch your questions answered by candidates at your own convenience (and at x1.5 speed).
  • Tailored Hiring & Onboarding

    Tailored Hiring & Onboarding

    We build the candidate pipeline and the entire hiring and onboarding process around your specific needs and preferences. One-size-fits-all just doesn't work.
  • Hassle-Free Team Management

    Hassle-Free Management

    You build your product - we take care of the rest. Arms-lengths relationship, compliance with local laws, payments, admin - we've got it all.
  • Right to Hire

    Right to Hire

    Love your new team, want to hire some key engineers permanently and relocate them to Canada?
    Go for it!

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Mission statement

We provide an alternative approach to finding, hiring, and retaining engineers for small and medium-size Canadian and West Coast technology companies.

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