Referral Policy

Wouldn’t it be nice to work on the same team with the people you already know, respect and trust to do the right thing? We certainly think so. Having engineers with superior skill sets and the right attitude benefits every team member, and greatly increases the chances of project success for the client. Building well functioning teams where everybody enjoys what they do is tricky, and we want our engineers to have a say in the process. Selfless referrals are awesome, but here at DevEngine, we’d like to take it a step further!

How do referrals work?

If you are part of the DevEngineteam working on one of our client assignments, or we know you personally and have a history of working together in the past, we encourage you to refer reliable, professional engineers to us. Once the person you’ve referred gets placed on a project - you get compensated by DevEngine.

What counts as a referral?

“I once worked with John, who is pretty good… you should call him.” - is not what we are looking for. A referral has more depth to it. You can only refer people you know personally, with whom you worked with before, and would want to work with again. The person you recommend cannot have already been referred to DevEngine by another engineer, or who have already worked on one of our earlier projects. To count as a referral, you will need to get permission from the person to provide his or her contact information and resume to DevEngine. We would need you to help set up the initial face to face meeting. It will take a bit of effort and time on your behalf… but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

How much do I get paid for referrals?

If the person you’ve referred get’s placed by DevEngine on any of its client teams, you will get paid $2 for every hour this person works during the next 3 years (36 months maximum). Let’s say, we place that Java engineer you’ve connected us to on a one-year project and he/she successfully finishes the assignment. As an example, an average engineer would work about 320 hours per month, so you would receive $640 per month from DevEngine. The actual amount will depend on the time cards that will be submitted by the engineer. If the person you refer to us never gets placed by us, there will be no compensation. Each referral is in effect for the maximum of 36 months from the time of the original meeting between the referred engineer and DevEngine representative and only while that engineer is actively billing thru DevEngine.

How many referrals can I make?

We would love to give each our engineers a fair opportunity to refer people from their network and make some extra cash, so we limit individuals to 3 referrals every three years.