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We build distributed engineering teams in South America for

our Canadian clients

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Quality over Quantity

We work with a limited number of clients simultaneously
to ensure the quality and availability of engineering talent, and
proper team management effort.

Build your product with
a more reliable, committed, and reasonably priced engineering team.

Time Zone – no early meetings or crazy hours for anybody on the team, our engineers are located in Latin America which allows them to comfortably line up their working hours with both Pacific Standard Time and Eastern Standard Time.

Finding talent – catch a break from the bidding war in your local market; we provide access to a new and exciting pool of engineering talent who are thrilled to join your team and work on the product long-term. Expect to see some new names and meet a lot of talented engineers.

Onboarding – it’s your team, we just help you find, hire good engineers and take the administration and paperwork off your shoulders. Screening, technical testing, NDAs, Intellectual Property protection, criminal background checks, hardware/software, accounting and billing – it’s all us! You can concentrate on your product now.

Retaining - most engineers in Latin America are eager to work for Canadian clients. International exposure, multicultural teams and competitive salary will certainly help you stand out among the majority of local employers in the area. We will keep the engineers engaged and interested through our paid referral incentives, performance reviews, training and benefits programs.

Budget - annual all-inclusive price is negotiated upfront for each engineer based on the skill set and the level of seniority. No surprises or additional fees, you will know exactly what your budget needs to be monthly and annually.
An important point to keep in mind… while engineering salaries are lower in LATAM than in Canada and you can rest assured that your budget will go further there than if you were to hire in your local market, it is fair to assume that top-notch engineers are in high demand everywhere in the world, so plan accordingly.

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