Nearshoring Meets Hybrid Work: DevEngine’s Flexible Staff Augmentation Strategy

As one of the fastest-growing IT staff augmentation service providers, we’re deeply invested in the evolving landscape of work here at DevEnigine. Our service offerings to clients are not just responses to current needs but also anticipations of global work trends. Back when everybody worked from home – the outsourcing model was the king and the only way to save money on development work (at least in theory). Around 5% of companies used staff augmentation and felt comfortable with remote work.

But has the trend changed? We certainly think so.

The Hybrid Work Reality

Let me give you some statistics from Forbes – as of last year (2023), nearly 13% of employees worked from home, nearly 30% worked in a hybrid model, and about 59% of people are still heading into the office on a traditional five-day work schedule. This transition hasn’t been seamless, as was marked by CEO ultimatums for office returns and a wave of subsequent employee resignations in protest. At large though, workplaces have reached a new hybrid-work status quo by now. New York Times has proclaimed that “working from home is a luxury for the highly educated” based on the data they crunched. The Wall Street Journal echoes similar thoughts, terming remote work as “the new signing bonus.”

As the work models continue to evolve, there’s no shortage of predictions about the future of remote work. Some are saying that the remote work trend has plateaued and is likely to check back a little bit, and more people will be in the office; some are predicting the exact opposite. In any case, the consensus seems to be that it’s a step change, and remote work is not going anywhere near back to where it was before 2020.

How, then, should companies embrace the new reality? One solution is nearshore staff augmentation.

Nearshore Staff Augmentation: The Remote Advantage

With remote work here to stay,  nearshore staff augmentation bodes well for companies chasing top international tech talent working remotely from a convenient location in well-aligned time zones. Nothing is stopping these companies from having their Snowflake data engineers in Buenos Aires, Azure cloud architects in Sao Paulo, and tech support guys in Honduras (yes, you’ll be surprised how many US companies hire skilled support people in that country).

For a large number of tech clients, a fully remote model with a team distributed across North and Latin America is a perfect fit. If you are after mature IT professionals, a remote setup is likely to get you the best talent as engineers in their early 30s and definitely 40s and 50s, who have kids, pets, and other life commitments—and who value flexibility and time. They are eager to trade their skill and expertise for a better work-life balance.

But does the hybrid model land itself well for IT staff augmentation in LatAm? Is it even doable?

The Case for Hybrid Staff Augmentation

Not all companies are ready to embrace a fully remote work model for obvious reasons. There are great things about being in the office. An argument can be made that remote work has been a disaster for people in their 20s. During your 20s, you’re trying to figure out a sense of self and establish a series of skills. And it’s very difficult to develop soft skills over a screen, learn a new role, and figure out how to read a room during a meeting. For a junior employee, it’s next to impossible to figure out how to establish mentors in a remote environment.

It is also really tough to meet potential friends and bond with the team remotely. Being in the office even a couple of times a week can teach new hires simple social skills such as having to put on a tie, show up on time, be in a conference room, and learn when to speak and when just to listen. Companies looking to hire junior engineers and planning to help them grow internally should consider a hybrid model for staff augmentation.

That’s where DevEngine steps in.

DevEngine’s Hybrid Staff Augmentation Solution

For companies navigating the hybrid work model, DevEngine is adept at crafting a balanced team dynamic within Latin America, accommodating the diverse needs of team members across the experience spectrum. We recognize the importance of a flexible workspace strategy that not only supports the growth of junior developers but also respects the preferences of more seasoned team members.

To this end, DevEngine’s comprehensive approach includes a tailored on-site schedule that allows senior developers the flexibility to spend a significant portion of their time working remotely while still contributing to the mentorship and development of less experienced team members. For example, some senior developers may opt to be in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays to mentor junior engineers, while others may choose Tuesdays and Thursdays. This staggered approach ensures that junior developers have consistent access to the knowledge and mentorship they need throughout the week, fostering a learning-rich environment.

Furthermore, DevEngine’s on-site support extends to maintaining productivity and focus across the team. By having a DevEngine representative present, we ensure a seamless integration of our talent into your operations, addressing any challenges swiftly to maintain momentum and creative flow.

Our commitment to simplicity and transparency in billing remains steadfast, with all costs, including salaries, workspace management, and on-site support, consolidated into one comprehensive invoice. This approach removes any financial surprises, allowing you to budget effectively and focus on the growth and development of your team. Our salary guides, available in both CAD and USD, reflect our inclusive pricing model, catering to a range of roles from eager junior developers to seasoned engineers and architects. These guides draw on real-world data from searches and placements over the last 12 months, ensuring you have up-to-date and accurate cost information.

At DevEngine, we believe in creating a work environment that caters to the varied needs of a diverse team, from the professional development of junior members to accommodating the work preferences of senior engineers. Let’s discuss how we can tailor our services to support your vision of a dynamic, hybrid team in Latin America, ensuring a productive and collaborative work culture.

Get in touch and see what we are capable of doing!