How to Hire Top Machine Learning Engineers in Argentina

While Machine Learning has been around since the 1950s, its application to business processes wasn’t popular until the last couple of decades when Big Data became a forefront topic. Today, this technology is indispensable for any organization seeking to enhance efficiency, improve accuracy, and optimize operations. However, to realize its full potential, you must have the right specialists in place.

In this article, we’ll comprehensively discuss the following topics to help you understand how to find the right ML engineers:

  • What Is Machine Learning?
  • Why Is It Essential to Businesses
  • Why Hire ML Engineers From Argentina?
  • How To Vet & Hire ML Engineers From Argentina
  • How To Create a Perfect ML Engineer Job Post – With Example

At the end of the read, we’ll also discuss why more American and Canadian companies are nearshoring ML engineers from Argentina through DevEngine — and why you should let us take care of your hiring processes.

Let’s dive right into it!

What Is Machine Learning?

According to Arthur Samuel, who many credit for coining the term Machine Learning, ML is a “field of study that gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” In simple terms, machine learning is a branch of computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) that involves developing computer systems that learn from data without human assistance or programming.

Have you ever visited an online store and wondered, “Damn, that recommendation was spot-on!” Or, has it ever bothered you how Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and other streaming services knew precisely what you’d love to watch next? These are real-life examples of Machine Learning in action.

According to Rackspace’s 2023 AI and Machine Learning Research Report, 72% of organizations have already implemented machine learning and AI as part of their ongoing IT and business strategies, with 69% considering these technologies to be of high priority. A similar study by Grand View Research valued the AI global market size at $8.43 billion while projecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.8% between 2021 and 2028.

As we always say, numbers don’t lie. Based on these stats, it’s evident that more and more business owners and executives are appreciating the significance of ML to business processes.

Benefits & Use Cases of Machine Learning in Business

Below are a few common areas in which businesses use machine learning, including their potential benefits:

  • Real-time, interactive chatbot agents: Chatbots use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver conversation interfaces that respond to customer queries in real-time.  In the early days, they followed scripted rules to generate predefined responses. However, thanks to advancements in Big Data and ML, today’s chatbots are more engaging, productive, and responsive to human needs. Perfect examples include Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  • Recommendation engines: As the name aptly suggests, recommendation engines are systems that give clients recommendations based on their purchase histories, positions in sales funnels, and behavior patterns. Also known as recommenders, they leverage machine learning, statistical modeling, and predictive analytics algorithms to help customers find their next best purchases. Search engines, e-commerce platforms, and content-based websites typically use them to monitor their visitors’ behavior patterns, create customer profiles, and recommend relevant products or content.
  • Fraud detection: Another common business application of machine learning is to detect fraud, especially by financial service providers. These enterprises use machine learning to track customer behavior — such as when and where they usually make withdrawals – and detect fraudulent activity. If a malicious character uses stolen credit cards to process transactions that do not match anticipated norms, ML technology can flag them, enabling the provider to detect potential fraud. This ability to detect anomalies in patterns can also help businesses in cyber threat detection.
  • Sales forecasting and targeted marketing: In most businesses, sales and marketing departments are the greatest users of ML. They integrate ML capabilities into lead generation, marketing, and sales software to monitor customer behaviors and predict future purchase patterns. Here, ML can help these departments understand customer motivations and craft more targeted marketing content, enhancing conversion rates. It can also help business owners stock their enterprises with products that are more likely to derive sales.

We can go on and on about the business benefits of ML. However, as we previously said, the baseline is that to savor these windfalls, organizations must have competent ML engineers with a firm grasp of market trends. One of the areas where you can conveniently find such reliable experts is Argentina.

Why Hire ML Engineers From Argentina?

Now that you’ve understood the basics of machine learning and its business benefits, let’s delve into the core of the matter – why are more American and Canadian companies outsourcing ML engineers from Argentina?

Besides being home to tech hubs like Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Mendoza, and hosting several globally acclaimed unicorns such as Globant SA and Auth0, Argentina is gradually claiming its rightful spot in the international software development landscape. According to a recent study by Bloomberg, tech-related services comprise approximately 10% of the country’s exports. Among the specialists that have significantly benefited from this bloom are ML engineers.

Below are a few reasons you should also consider outsourcing your ML engineering projects to Argentina:

  1. Argentina has the best English skills in LATAM

One of the greatest concerns for organizations hiring ML engineers from other countries is language barriers. Fortunately, while Spanish is Argentina’s official language, most of its citizens have a decent mastery of English. According to the global EF English Proficiency Index, the country has a high proficiency ranking (with 560 points), making it the best in English skills throughout the LATAM region. As a result, Argentinian ML engineers can conduct seamless client meetings and explain project details in English.

  1. Vast pool of high-quality pool

According to Statista, Argentina has over 115,000 software developers. While the US and Canada have more of these specialists, the demand for such expertise is way lower in Argentina. Therefore, you’re more likely to find high-quality machine learning engineers within your budget in Argentina. 

  1. Strong outsourcing record with the US

US companies did not start outsourcing ML engineering expertise from Argentina yesterday. No. Instead, the country has an impressive track record of exporting its software development talent to the US, Canada, and other surrounding countries. In fact, several US companies like Google, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, and Eventbrite have already established R&D offices in Argentina. So, when hiring machine learning engineers from Argentina, you won’t be exploring uncharted waters.

  1. Budget-friendly ML engineers

Software engineering salaries in LATAM are generally lower than in most parts of Canada and the US. Argentina is no exception. While Canadian and US machine learning engineers earn about $105,598 and $236,066 per year respectively, their Argentinian counterparts ask for only $46,923 annually. This cost reduction can be particularly handy for SMBs seeking to minimize expenditures and expand their baselines.

  1. Almost similar time zones

While in most areas of North America, dinner may come earlier than in several parts of Argentina, these two regions are barely four hours apart at most. Similarly, Argentina and Canada are three hours apart at most. Because of this, it’s more practical to collaborate with Argentinian ML engineers in real-time than it is for offshore alternatives like Eastern Europe.

How to Vet & Hire Top ML Engineers From Argentina

While ML is a useful tool that can help businesses simplify and improve operations, automate tasks, and solve problems, it’s also a sophisticated technology that requires deep expertise. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you have nothing short of the best specialists running your ML projects.

So, how do you vet and identify competent ML engineers? The following are a few factors to consider:

Educational background

While different ML projects may require varying degrees, most ML engineers have degrees in computer mathematics, data science, programming, and computer science-related programs. Examples of common degrees include Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Associate’s degree in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Science, and Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics. Besides the degree, you should also check if the engineer’s specialization matches your project requirements.


Another crucial factor to consider when vetting prospective ML engineers from Argentina is their certifications. Certifications help these specialists demonstrate their expertise in specific areas of machine learning. Most of them have refresher courses. Therefore, they can also help you confirm candidates’ commitment to track and stay current with industry trends. 

Examples of common certifications for ML engineers include:

Industry experience

Before hiring an ML engineer from Argentina, find out if they’ve handled projects within your industry. Considerable industry experience is crucial because it shows an engineer is familiar with your sector’s processes and regulations. It also demonstrates their ability to identify, prevent, and resolve common industry-specific challenges.

Remote work capability

Besides their technical expertise, potential clients should also demonstrate the ability to work remotely with minimal supervision. The remote work model requires an ML engineer who is a self-starter, organized, disciplined, and accountable. They should also have effective communication, time management, prioritization,  and adaptability skills.

Experience in building and deploying ML models

Machine learning, and computer science in general, is a practical field. The more you practice, the better you become at it. Therefore, you should ensure that new hires have prior experience in building and implementing ML models and interacting with AI. You can ask them to submit their portfolio to determine if they’ve handled projects like yours. Alternatively, you can ask for references to their past clients.

Service fee

The IT department is usually one of the biggest spenders in most companies. Therefore, before adding another paycheck to this department, you should ensure you’ve negotiated the best value for your bucks. Argentinian ML engineers typically charge about $46,923 per year. However, your offer should be based on your budget, and not the engineer’s ask. With a little digging, you can’t miss an engineer who fits your budget.

How to Create a Perfect ML Engineer Job Post – With Example

With several companies considering outsourcing ML engineers from Argentina, you need a well-written job post to attract the best talent. Below is a run-through of what to outline when creating one:

  • Job Description: Add the job title and outline its primary responsibility. You can also give an overview of your organization and how you expect the ML engineer to help you drive business. 
  • Responsibilities: Next, highlight the specific duties the ML engineer will handle. 
  • Required Skills and Qualifications: If your projects require specific degrees, certifications, or skills, mention them here.
  • How To Apply: Finally, add a clear CTA directing interested candidates on how to apply. Clarify if you need them to submit or send copies of their resumes, code samples, or portfolios.

Sample Machine Learning Engineer Job Post

Here’s an example ML engineer job post for inspiration:

Are you a dedicated Machine Learning engineer with a knack for creating and deploying ML models? Jack & Jill Ltd is looking for you. If you’d love to work remotely for an established American marketing company, here’s your chance.

Job Description

As an ML engineer at our company, you’ll be responsible for identifying areas we can use ML to streamline operations and spearheading such projects.


  • Designing and implementing ML models
  • Work in cross-functional teams to identify business challenges that ML can solve
  • Data cleaning
  • Fine-tuning existing ML models
  • Implementing deep learning technologies to make our ML models more effective
  • Updating executives on the progress of ML projects

Skills & Qualifications

  • Python proficiency
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Effective communication expertise
  • Previous experience in helping marketing companies implement ML 
  • Understanding of deep learning frameworks like PyTorch

How to Apply

Does this sound like a role you’d be interested in? If so, send us an email at Include your cover letter, resume, sample codes, and portfolio.

Hire Pre-Vetted Top Machine Learning Engineers in Argentina With DevEngine

Hiring remote ML engineers from Argentina isn’t the same as hiring these specialists in-house. Remote hiring often requires a lot of back-and-forth correspondence, follow-up interviews, background checks, trials, and so on. Sometimes, even after this tedious process, you might still end up with the wrong talent.

What if we told you that you can avoid this hassle and still secure the top ML engineers from Argentina. Yes. It’s possible. When you contact DevEngine, we handle the entire hiring process from scratch. Below are a few reasons you should work with us:

  • We’ve helped several organizations like yours secure competent tech talent from Argentina and other LATAM countries
  • When hiring through us, your team is your team, no split-time
  • We ensure all our engineers have a firm grasp of spoken and written English
  • We’ll analyze your enterprise to understand your business needs before beginning the hiring process

Let us help you find the best machine learning engineers from Argentina stress-free. Get In Touch now to kick-start your hiring process.