What We Expect From Our Current and Potential Clients

Obviously, international recruiting and offshore team augmentation are easier if you build the right partnership with a staffing agency, but… it’s just as important for an agency to work with good clients. Are you one of them?

This might surprise you, but the services of staffing agencies are usually completely free of charge for companies till they actually hire somebody. We don’t want to discourage our clients from finding what they deem excellent candidates—we understand that. On the contrary, we encourage them to build teams that would drive growth for their company and product(s).

However, we have faced situations where some clients only procrastinated, collected too many profiles, interviewed too many tech candidates, made decisions slowly (or not at all), or simply fished around without any intent to onboard anybody.

By the way, if you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at a respectable agency when a hiring manager says: “this is a good candidate, but I’d like to see a couple more profiles to compare,” let me know, and I’ll put together an entire blog post detailing that journey.

For now, here is what DevEngine (and any other agency worth its salt) would expect from a company augmenting its tech team with LATAM-based IT professionals.

What We Expect from Our Clients

As much as it is important for us to keep you—and all our clients—satisfied with our top-notch LATAM-based talent management approach, we expect a few things from our clients, too. The set of expectations outlined below also serves as a guide for our clients to keep note of what we deem crucial for a sustainable partnership.

Focus on Recruitment

We know that successful recruitment starts with a clear focus—and that’s what we want our clients to have.

Share a detailed understanding of your project goals and desired skill sets with us. Knowing your requirements, we can easily pinpoint the best candidates, saving you valuable time. The more we know you, the better we can match you with talent that seamlessly integrates and contributes from day one. Think of it as building a bridge—the more precise the blueprints, the smoother the construction!

Set Realistic Hiring Timelines

At the same time, we expect our clients to set realistic hiring timelines with clear deadlines for interviews, decision-making, and onboarding. This helps us be on the same page with you, in addition to managing expectations and allocating resources effectively.

Streamline Your Interview Process

Next, we want our clients to have a clearly defined interview process and timelines. A structured interview format with clear evaluation criteria is a recipe for efficient candidate assessment. Establish a consistent process that you and we can follow to make evaluations fair and accurate.

Remember, timely feedback after each interview stage is also key. Your insights into candidates allow us to refine our candidate selection and expedite the hiring process.

Know Your “Good Enough”

Finding the ideal candidate might not always be feasible—“perfect” candidates do not actually exist. Instead, we would like you to focus on identifying strong talent that aligns with your core needs and company culture rather than chasing perfection.

Similarly, be clear about your deal breakers—the essential skills and experience that are non-negotiable for your team. Communicate the deal breakers to us, and we will present candidates who will meet your minimum requirements, saving everyone—you, us, and the talent—involved in the process time and effort.

Open and Transparent Communication

Building trust is essential for any successful partnership. We appreciate sharing your organizational structure and what your hiring needs are really driven by. Understanding your team dynamics and decision-making processes allows us to tailor our recommendations and support accordingly.

Simultaneously, maintain regular communication. Keep us in the loop about your progress and any changes in your needs, projects, or goals.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Next, we would prefer a streamlined onboarding process. A dedicated onboarding person on your team DevEngine can work with would be excellent. This person will work closely with our onboarding specialist to ensure a smooth transition for new hires.

Also, clearly defined expectations and goals help your new hires quickly acclimate and contribute effectively. Set clear expectations for their role, responsibilities, and performance metrics.

Timely Payments

Finally, timely payments. Upholding agreed-upon payment schedules is important to keep a lasting and sustainable partnership for all the parties involved—you, us, and the IT professionals working on your project.

That’s what we expect from our clients, both current and potential. But keeping expectations is a two-way street. As a business, you may have expectations from your staffing partner—we recognize and value that. Here’s a sneak-peak into what we call ‘Staff Augmentation – the DevEngine Way.’ On this page, you will see our behind-the-scenes of finding businesses like yours exceptional IT talent that they need for growth!

Remember, building a successful offshore team augmentation journey starts with choosing the right partner and establishing a solid foundation of mutual understanding and expectations. We hope that by following these guidelines, we both can set the stage for a productive and rewarding collaboration.

Whether you need a full-time tech team or fractional tech talent, let’s work together and build the best team possible! Schedule a call today to see how we can meet your talent needs—effectively and affordably!