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Can DevEngine build and manage the entire remote team for us?

The short answer is “YES”. We can help you hire, onboard, and manage the entire team of remote software or data engineers across Latin America.

One of DevEngine's founding principles is our commitment to partnering with a select number of clients we know well. We take the time to understand your business, foster enjoyable and productive working relationships, and maintain mutual respect. As a result, we adopt a highly tailored approach to address your specific needs and craft a nearshore outsourcing strategy that aligns with your unique business and technical requirements.

Typical use cases for hiring remote engineers in LATAM that DevEngine can help you with:

  • You need to hire a few software developers in the same or similar time-zone as your in-house team. Common reasons for this choice include: you need help managing existing workloads, accelerating product development, meeting time-sensitive feature deadlines, optimizing your budget by reducing the burn rate, or quickly filling specific technical skill gaps.
  • You need to establish a long-term presence in a specific Latin American country, such as for outsourcing existing application support or testing. DevEngine can assemble cross-functional teams with engineers of varying seniority levels, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and, if needed, a client success manager.
  • You aim to expand your services by setting up a new practice in LATAM while reducing costs and maintaining exceptional service quality for your clients. This scenario applies to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), various technology consultancies, or similar organizations. DevEngine can build teams starting with pre-sales engineers, solutions architects, delivery and support teams, among others.
  • You require comprehensive development outsourcing for specific business reasons, DevEngine can create a customized near-shoring strategy and processes. This can include the arrangement of a physical office location in South America if you prefer a hybrid to fully remote work model.
  • You are seeking full-time or part-time IT professionals with specialized skill sets to address a specific technical challenge or provide a second opinion. These roles typically require a high level of seniority.

To sum up, DevEngine offers a tailored solution for building and managing remote software and data engineering teams across Latin America. We commit to understanding your unique needs and fostering productive relationships with your executive and technical teams in order to produce a successful nearshore outsourcing strategy just for you. Whether you require software developers, entire cross-functional teams, expansion support, customized outsourcing, or specialized senior professionals, DevEngine is here to help you meet your goals efficiently and effectively.