What We Do

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Nearshore Staff Augmentation

At DevEngine we are best positioned to partner with small to medium-size companies. Remote nearshore team sizes that we build for our partners vary between 2 and 20 members. You can hire individual pre-vetted software and data engineers or entire teams fully managed by DevEngine. All engineers are fully dedicated and do not split their time across partner projects.

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Contract and Permanent Placements

You can expect the timeline of 1-2 weeks for receiving pre-vetted candidate profiles from DevEngine. Depending on market conditions, skill set requirements, project budget and its urgency, it is a realistic timeline for all new clients. For our existing clients, the delivery timeline is much shorter - about 3-4 business days, as we are able to develop and tailor our Latin American candidate pipeline specifically to the client’s needs. You can onboard qualified engineers for the duration of the specific project or hire them permanently. We provide a 2-week money-back guarantee on all contract placements.

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Fractional Expertise

Gain quick access to the knowledge and insights of seasoned remote engineers and architects when faced with complex technical challenges that don’t quite warrant full-time resources. Whenever you might require part-time IT professionals possessing specialized skill sets, our aim is to help you address specific technical hurdles or obtain a valuable second opinion. These positions typically demand a high degree of seniority and urgency ensuring you receive expert guidance precisely when you need it.

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“Build, Operate, Transfer” (BOT)

Take advantage of DevEngine’ comprehensive “Build, Operate, Transfer” (BOT) solution, tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’ve decided to nearshore some of your IT or development functions to take advantage of the well-aligned time zone, cost-saving opportunities, access to a broad pool of remote IT and development talent, or all of the above, we can assemble remote cross-functional teams with engineers of varying seniority levels, Project Managers, Business Analysts, etc. for you. This can include the arrangement of a physical office location in LATAM if you prefer a hybrid to fully remote work model. Team ownership will be transferred to your company once the process is complete.