Finding the Best International Recruiting Company: Tips and Tricks

Remote staffing is no longer just a buzzword or a trend businesses adopt to look future-oriented. With 92% of the American workforce operating remotely at least once per week and up to 59% of employees saying they’re more likely to choose an organization that supports remote work, there’s no doubt that this model is the new normal. Studies show that, if well implemented, it can inspire higher productivity, significantly enhance employee satisfaction, increase staff retention rates, promote better work-life balance, and make businesses more agile. 

As more organizations discover these benefits, it’s a no-brainer that the demand for remote staffing companies will increase tremendously. This article offers practical tips to help you identify the right hiring firm when recruiting internationally.

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Remote Hiring Company

You’re only as good as the people you hire.”

This statement by Ray Croc in The Founder (2016) was true then and is even truer now in the remote work era. With more people working from home miles away from the office, monitoring employee performance and productivity has become increasingly challenging. As a result, it’s crucial today, more than ever, to ensure that your hiring company has the capacity to connect you with competent specialists with the right expertise and unquestionable work ethic.

When you randomly browse “The Top International Recruiting Companies,” you’ll be spoilt for choice. The internet is awash with several remote staffing firms claiming to offer the best services. However, not all of them are as good as they claim.

So, how do you navigate the noisy interwebs and identify the best remote hiring company? Below is a detailed guide.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an International Recruiting Company

Above all else, trust your guts. This might not sound like the conventional advice you’d expect from us, but based on our extensive industry experience, if a staffing company doesn’t feel like a perfect match, it probably isn’t. Therefore, before you sign that contract, ensure you’ve conducted thorough background research and cleared all your doubts.

That said, below are other essential factors to help you screen potential remote hiring companies:

  1. Industry expertise

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to know is the firm’s expertise and experience in remote hiring. For how long have they been in the industry? Which companies have they helped in recruiting remote tech talent before? Can they refer you to a few of their current or past clients? And most importantly — how do they define a successful hiring exercise? 

Besides demonstrating international recruiting expertise, the ideal company should also be experienced in working with organizations like yours. For example, if you’re hiring tech talent for your manufacturing firm, it might help to work with a staffing company that has helped other manufacturers outsource tech talent. And reasonably so — different industries have varying staffing needs.

Industry expertise also encompasses the firm’s familiarity with your preferred hiring destination. For instance, if you want to augment your in-house team with LATAM data and software engineers, you should ensure the staffing company understands the intricacies of hiring from this region. 

  1. Reputation

How would the firm’s past or current clients describe its hiring processes? Analyzing online reviews can give you a sneak peek at the quality of its services. Do not solely rely on the reviews posted on the company’s official website — the chances are that they’re filtered to maintain a good reputation. Instead, you should also check independent review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Comparably. You can also ask the firm for references to their past clients and do the digging yourself.

  1. Screening processes

Another crucial factor to consider is how the staffing firm recruits and screens potential candidates. A reliable company should have a detailed vetting process that covers the candidate’s educational background, cultural fit, and industry experience. If the firm offers practical assessments, enquire if this will be at your cost or theirs. Also, find out if they can organize an on-site visit in case you want to conduct a personal screening or introduce the hired staff to your existing team.

  1. Turnaround time and scalability

How long does the company take to identify, screen, and deliver the candidates? Can they handle large hiring volumes, such as building entirely remote departments from scratch? If so, do they ensure quality while delivering such a large number of candidates? One of the main reasons organizations enlist the services of international recruiting companies is to enable them to get competent employees faster and hassle-free. Therefore, it may not make sense if the firm you’ve settled on took longer than you would if you’d have handled the hiring yourself.

Besides the turnaround time, you should also consider the staffing company’s ability to handle your hiring needs as your business evolves. Do they support downscaling during off-peak seasons? Can they help you get more personnel as your organization grows? 

  1. Cost and pricing structure

One of the main reasons for hiring through staffing companies is the cost-saving opportunities. By outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about advertisement, recruitment, interviews, and onboarding expenditures. All you have to do is pay a small fee to transfer these tasks to the hiring firm. However, this is not always the case; sometimes, the company’s charges might be more than your actual budget.

As a result, it’s also crucial to discuss the service fees and payment terms before signing an engagement contract. Does the company offer a customizable or fixed pricing model? Do they bill a flat fee per hire or charge a percentage of the employee’s salary? Will they ask for a cancellation fee if you discontinue the engagement midway? You should also find out what the contract covers and how the firm bills for additional services not included in the agreement.

Why DevEngine is Your Go-To LATAM Hiring Company

Ours is a commitment beyond mere profit; we are dedicated to assisting businesses in acquiring the finest software and data engineers in LATAM. We have been helping several organizations like yours leverage the region’s vast pool of untapped talent since 2019. Whether you’re looking for temporary staff augmentation, permanent placements, or completely remote teams, we have your back.

So, why should you work with us?

Upfront pricing

We offer transparent upfront pricing for predictability and transparency. Before enlisting our services, we’ll tell you how much you’ll pay and explain precisely what you’ll be paying for. Besides ensuring there are no hidden surprises, this approach allows our customers to draft their hiring budgets with confidence. What’s more — in case you want to pay in installments, you can take advantage of our flexible payment plans. 

Thorough screening and technical testing

Besides routine background checks and verification of academic credentials, our dedicated team of senior engineers takes potential candidates through rigorous technical screening. This commitment to quality assurance ensures that you get competent talent with the requisite expertise and proven industry experience. The best part is that, unlike most staffing companies, we fully cover all the vetting and practical testing expenses. 

Customized staffing

At DevEngine, we understand that different industries have varying staffing needs. As a result, before we begin recruitment, we’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements, operations, work ethic, and company culture. Next, we’ll customize our hiring process to match your unique needs and expectations, ensuring we deliver tailored staffing and onboarding.

More than just hiring

Would you love your LATAM talent to visit your on-site premises occasionally or permanently relocate to your area? Well, if you’re hiring from Canada, we can help you handle immigration paperwork and legal requirements to ensure a seamless transition. Our post-hiring services also include staff management, cross-border payments, invoicing, insurance coverage, vacation-days tracking, and background checks. In short, you can hire us to sort all your staffing needs as you focus on other core tasks!

Hiring can be very costly and time-intensive, but it doesn’t have to be — especially when working with an experienced staffing company like DevEngine. Contact Us today to learn how we can help you save time and money while nearshoring software and data engineers from Latin America!